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Company History

Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. was established by Arthur Trovei in 1931. At that time, the business consisted of buying/selling rags and scrap metal. Arthur was later joined by his two sons, Lambert Trovei and Joe Trovei. In time, Arthur and Joe both left the business in Lambert's hands. He was then joined in the 1970's by his son, Art Trovei, straight out of college.

In the 1980's, Joe Scherr approached Lambert and Art with a business proposition. They agreed to rent him a portion of their land for him to set up his truck sales lot. As the years progressed, Joe taught Art the truck parts and sales business. When Joe passed on, he told Art to stick with the trucks and the business' primary focus has since centered on truck sales.

In the 1990's, Art's best friend Tony was hired to manage the company and also to strengthen relationships with our export customers. The company entered the "computer age" in 2000, when Stephen Trovei created

Throughout the years, the company has evolved from a simple scrap metal recycling business to include the following:

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