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Loose Used Replacement Transmissions

TRO/Stock#Transmission MakeTransmission ModelTransmission SpeedConditionRemoved fromLocation
0715195TAllison1000 SeriesautoGTO2007 IC BE200MR24
1113211TAllison2000 SeriesautoGTO2010 IC Bus - Int. MAXXFORCE 7.6L 210hpMR18
1153TAllison2500 Seriesautobolted to DT466 CORE - turnsMB6
0707234TAllison2000 SeriesautoGTO2008 Blue Bird Bus - CAT C7 210hp - CORE TURNSMR22
1015192TAllison2500 SeriesautoGTO2008 IC CE200 School busSR8
1030191TAllison2500 seriesautoCORE2008 IC CE200 School busSR8
0910151TAllison2000 SeriesautoGTO2003 International School Bus - DT466 elec 195hpOR6
0807206TAllison3000 SeriesautoGTO2009 Blue Bird Bus - CAT C7 250hpSR9
0216183TAllison3000RDSautoCORE2016 Kenworth T370 - Paccar PX9 / Cummins ISL9 300hpMR25
1111211TAllison3000 SeriesautoGTO2008 Blue Bird Bus - CAT C7 250hpMR20
1104213TAllison3500RDSautoGTO2009 Crane Carrier - Cummins ISC 8.3L 260hpMR25
0812142TAllisonHT740auto - attached to DETROIT 6V92GTOVBF1
061893TAllisonMD3060autoGTOFreightliner FL-70MR2
080592TAllisonMD3060autoGTO1997 Freightliner FL-70MR2
080494TAllisonMD3060autoGTO1996 Freightliner FL-70MR2
040991TAllisonMD3060autoGTO1995 Freightliner FL-70MR2
080191TAllisonMD3060autoGTO1997 Freightliner FL-70MR2
0718151TAllisonHD4560autoGTO2003 Mack LE613 - EM7 ETECH 4 Valve 300hpOR23
1018211TAllisonMT643autoGTO1999 International 4900 - bolted to DT466E 230hpOR19
0326221TAllisonHT740autoGTO1985 Mack MC686FC - EM6 283hpMR23
0226155TAllisonHD4560autoGTO2003 Mack LE613 - AI 300hpMR24
0504213TAllisonHD4560autoGTO2004 Mack LE613 - AI 300hpMR25
1227211TAllison4500RDSautoGTO2007 Mack LE613 - AI 300hpMR18
0817212TAllison4500RDSautoGTO2007 Mack LE613 - AI 300hpMR18
0824213TAllison4500RDSautoGTO2007 Mack LE613 - AI 300hpMR18
0810161TAllison4500RDSautoGTO2005 Mack LE613 - AI 300hpMB6
1029211TAllison3500RDS4autoGTO2009 Crane Carrier Packer - bolted to Cummins ISC 8.3L 260hpOR6
1122197TAllison2500 seriesautoGTO2008 IC CE200 - bolted to International VT365MR20
1122198TAllison2500 seriesautoGTO2014 IC CE300 - bolted to International Maxxforce 7BF16
1105196TAllison1000 SeriesautoGTO2005 Freightliner MT45 - bolted to Mercedes OM904LAMR24
0523141TClarkCL455-35 speedGTOGMCOR6
0802232TDetroitDT12-OA-1650HD12 speedCORE2016 Freightliner Cascadia 125 - Detroit DD13 450/500hpMR22
052041TFullerRTO91313 speedCORESR4
1152TFullerFRO15210C10 speedCOREOR6
1139TEatonFS5205A5 speedCOREOR5
0502141TEatonFS7206A6 speedGTO1988 International 1954 - DT466 mech 210hpMR25
1212132TEatonno tag5 speedGTO1981 Ford 8000OR5
1025161TFullerRTO16910C-AS10 speed autoshiftGTO2006 Freightliner CL120 - Detroit 14.0L 515hpMR26
0221183TFullerRTXF14708LL8LL speedGTO1989 Freightliner FL112 - Cummins NTC BC4 mech 400hpMR22
120151TFullerRTOF951313 speedGTO1973 Ford LN9000SR16
0204195TFullerFS5205B5 speedGTO2001 Sterling Acterra Box Truck - UPSSR15
0317231TFullerFR15210B10 speedGTO2014 Freightliner Cascadia 113 - Detroit DD13 410hpMR23
0412171TFullerRT14607B7 speedGTO2004 Sterling L8500 - CAT 3126 250hpMR26
0406162TFullerRT14607B7 speedGTOSR3
0113222TFullerRT14607A7 speedGTO2005 Volvo VNM42T - Volvo VED12MR25
0829163TFullerRTO16910B-DM210 speed ultrashiftGTO2006 Volvo VNM64T Sleeper - Volvo VED12MR22
0808163TFullerRTO14910B-DM210 speed ultrashiftGTO2006 Volvo VNM42T - Volvo VED12MR25
0422154TFullerRTO14910B-AS210 speed ultrashiftGTO2004 Volvo VNM42T - Volvo VED12MR25
0314191TFullerRTX14607B7 speedGTO2007 Volvo VNM42T - Volvo VED12MR26
1216201TFullerRTOF14908LL8 speedGTO1999 International 2574 - CAT C12 elec 395hpMR24
080722TMack10705 speedGTO1974 Mack R ModelMR27
1012164TMack10765 speedGTO1977 Mack R685STMR26
0422142TMack10765 speedGTO1982 MackMR26
0722144TMack10765 speedGTOMR27
STK1146TMackQuad BoxCOREMR28
STK1067TMackDuplex5 speedCOREMR27
010232TMackT20505 speedCORE1993 Mack MR690SMR26
052263TMackT20505 speedGTOMR26
070426TMackT20505 speedGTOMR27
0208173TMackT20505 speedGTOMR26
0131122TMackTRL1075 speedGTO1967 Mack U685STMR26
092053TMackT20606 speedGTO1993 MackMR27
040298TMackT20606 speedGTOMR26
STK725TMackT20606 speedCOREMR26
STK1056-2TMackT20606 speedGTOMR26
010282TMackT20606 speedCOREMR26
0813101TMackT20606 speedGTOMR26
STK889TMackT2060A6 speedCOREMR26
0909171TMackT2060A6 speedGTOMR26
0310221TMackX107 Twin Stick6 speedGTOMack RD/DM 673 2 Valve Mech - threads NG for pass motor mountMR27
1117121TMackX107 Twin Stick6 speedGTO1986 Mack RD686SXMR27
STK1049TMackX10716 speedCOREMR26
STK1056TMackX10716 speedGTOMR26
0905134TMackX1071 single stick6 speedGTOMR26
STK24TMackT210010 speedCOREMR26
0221121TMackT20909 speedCORE1984 Mack MH613 - EM6 2 ValveMR22
STK1053TMackOld Cast Iron10 speedGTOMR27
0111161TMackT20505 speedGTOMR26
032273TMackT20707 speedGTO1996 Mack DM690SBF12
1019171TMackT20505 speedGTO2000 Mack CH612SR15
STK 961TMeritorMO16G10C10 speedCORESR3
0802171TZF / MeritorM016Z12A-A1612 speed AutoshiftGTOMB6
0102194TMeritorM0-16Z12A-A1612 speed AutoshiftCORE2004 Freightliner CL120 - Detroit 14.0L 500hpMR24
0218106TRockwellRM10125A10 speedGTO1999 Freightliner FLD120OR5
1020173TRockwellRM10145A10 speedGTO1998 VolvoOR19
0822131TRockwellRM10145A10 speedCOREOR6
0415101TRockwellRM10145A10 speedGTO1998 Freightliner CL120OR5
0319124TRockwellRM10145A10 speedGTO2000 International 8100OR5
0319126TRockwellRM10145A10 speedGTOSR6
0612131TRockwellRMX10145A10 speedCOREOR6
0227101TRockwellRM10155A10 speedGTOOR6
0806101TRockwellRMX10155A10 speedGTO1999 Freightliner FLD120SR6
0816104TRockwellRMX10155A10 speedGTO1999 Freightliner FLD120OR5
1026103TRockwellRMX10155A10 speedGTO2000 InternationalOR5
STK 1057TSpicerGTOSR5
STK292TSpicer56525 speedGTOOR5
100144TSpicer6052A5 speedGTOMB6
0802192TSpicerCM-5952-D5 speedGTO1991 International 4900 - DT466 mech 210hpMR24
0729193TSpicer5 speedGTO1992 International 4900 - DT466 mech 210hpMR23
0414211TSpicerEM-4054D5 speedGTO1987 Ford F800 - 429 Gas V8 - CORE LOCKEDSR7
0311212TSpicerES43-5D5 speedCORESR3
STK1068TSpicerCM5052A5 speedGTOSR4
0726135TSpicerCM6052A w/ driver's side air oper PTO - shaft type5 speedCORE1984 Ford 8000SR6
0324141TSpicerCM6052A w/ driver's side lever oper PTO - shaft type5 speedGTO1981 Ford 8000OR8
0807151TSpicerCM6052A w/ driver's side cable oper PTO - shaft type5 speedGTO1986 Ford F8000OR5
STK857TSpicer1062C6 speedGTOOR6
1102166TSpicerES43-5A5 speedGTOSR5
0705179TSpicerES56-5A5 speedGTOOR23
0420171TSpicerES43-5A5 speedGTOOR23
1207161TSpicerES43-5A5 speedGTO1997 International PCMR22
1020174TSpicerPS110-7A7 speedGTOMB6
1017176TSpicerPS110-7A7 speedGTO1994 International 8100OR19
0616172TSpicerPS110-7B7 speedGTO1999 InternationalSR13
STK952TUnknown5 speedGTOOR6
1231132TGM4 speed SR5
0509161TAisin6 speed autoGTO2005 Isuzu NQRMR13

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