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Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. has been in business since 1931 and we've been dealing in containers and trailers since 1981. With over 25 years of experience, we work hard to fulfill your storage needs as fast as possible.
Our mission is to provide you with quality merchandise at affordable prices, while making you feel like family!
Celebrating 90 Years in Business
To fulfill your storage needs we offer overseas shipping containers and trailers for rent or sale. Each type of storage has its own unique attributes. Both options allow for easy placement of locks to keep your things secure in addition to being wind and water tight. The following list should assist you in deciding which manner of storage is best for you.
Trailer Attributes Container Attributes
Length: 28'-53'
Length: 20' or 40'
Width: 96" or 102" exterior
Width: 7' 8" interior
Height: 12'-13'6" exterior
7'6"-8'6" interior
Height: 8' or 9' exterior
7'9⅛" or 8'10" interior
Composition: steel, aluminum, or FRP
Composition: rugged steel
Doors: swing, slide, or roll up
Doors: two swing doors, door opening width 7'8", door opening width 7'6"
Loading Height: 4' from the ground
Loading Height: ground level
Transportation: requires a yard switcher or tractor with 5th wheel
Transportation: requires specialized equipment such as rollbacks or heavy duty forklifts
Other Features: side doors, and insulated trailers available
Other Features: Cubic Capacity: 1,169 - 2,384 cubic feet
28'-39' Rental: $75/month*
20' Rental: $75-125/month* (or $150/month* at our facility)
40'-44' Rental: $75-125/month*
40' Rental: $85-150/month* (or $200/month* at our facility)
45'-53' Rental: $125-150/month*
Purchase Price:
view 23'-30' trailer inventory
view 36'-44' trailer inventory
view 45' trailer inventory
view 48' trailer inventory
view 53' trailer inventory
view refrigerated trailer inventory
view 12'-26' box truck body inventory
Wind and Water tight:
Purchase Price:
used 20' container ($2,500-4,400)
one-way 20' container ($3,600-4,400)
one-way 20' double door (doors at both ends, spec order)
one-way 20' open side (doors at one end, and entire side opens, spec order)
used 40' container ($2,500-3,900)
used 40' high cube ($2,900-3,900)
one-way 40' container (spec order)
one-way 40' double door (doors at both ends, spec order)
one-way 40' open side (doors at one end, and entire side opens, spec order)
used 40' open top container ($2,500-3,500)

Open Top Containers:

*No Pro Rating Of Monthly Rentals: Our rental system is based on complete months only

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