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We also have whole cab cuts still on frame.

Loose Ford Replacement Cabs

0805132C1995FordL9000driver's door & dash apart
0922171C1995FordAeromax L9000no pass seat - dash apart - rear window smashed
050171C1986FordLN8000no doors - dash apart - holes in cab floor
1107172C1995FordAeromax L9000
0807151C1986FordF8000driver's door SOLD
0726135C1984Ford8000rust holes in floor - driver's door SOLD
0502193C1998FordAeromax 9500pass door SOLD - UPS
0828174C1995FordAeromax L9000complete
1108193C1995FordF700driver's door SOLD - UPS

Loose Freightliner Replacement Cabs

0218106C1999FreightlinerFLD120no doors - no seats - dash missing
1031151C1991FreightlinerFLD120steering wheel & column SOLD
1130161C2000FreightlinerFL70instrument cluster & driver's door SOLD
082682C1989FreightlinerFLC112no mirrors
1109122C1995FreightlinerFL70dash apart - driver's door apart - no driver's seat - no driver's side mirror
0613174C2014FreightlinerCascadia 113clutch valve / pedal SOLD
1120151C1996FreightlinerFL70both doors SOLD
0206193C2007FreightlinerCL120mirrors & driver's door SOLD
1025161C2006FreightlinerCL120dash apart - driver's door SOLD
0223233C2006FreightlinerMM106dash & doors apart

Loose International Replacement Cabs

0519131C2011International4300$1,800 XXTABJJXXT - dash apart - driver's door / driver's seat / pass mirror ALL SOLD
0515191C2009InternationalProstarcomplete - UPS
0515192C2009InternationalProstarcomplete - UPS
0715211C2000International2574steering wheel / visor / air horns ALL SOLD
1213192C2009InternationalProstarGrille inside - UPS
0620179C2007International9200Idash apart - UPS
1217191C2009International9200Idash apart - passenger mirror & seat SOLD - UPS
1023132C1990International4900No mirrors - no seats - dash apart
1128181C2006International9200IUPS - SR10
0504173C2006International9200IUPS - SR19
1206175C2006International9200Idash apart - UPS
0110192C2006International9200IUPS - SR13
0905185C2008International9200IUPS - SR14
0604182C2007International9200IUPS - SR15
0905183C2007International9200INo mirror assemblies - UPS - SR16
0110191C2007International9200INo door glass - no mirror assemblies - UPS - SR21
0417192C2006International9200IUPS - SR9
0417193C2007International9200IUPS - SR11
1219131C2005International4200No Pass door
0510122C2004International4300Pass Door SOLD - no mirrors - dash apart
0522122C2003International4200no mirrors - no steering wheel - no driver seat
0409141C2000International4900no driver mirror - no seats - no dash
0410141C2000International4900Drivers Side Mirror Assembly SOLD - Dash apart - alum step on roof
031397C1999International4900dash missing - cab was on fire - no mirrors - no rear window
1104133C1990International4900No mirrors
1201161C2002International4300no pass mirror - no seats
0425176C2006International4300no pass seat - no dog house
1206176C2006International8600No dash - drivers door stuck locked (not latched closed) - rust holes in back
1002173C2006International8600No Seats - No dash - drivers rear corner damage
1017176C1994International8100no mirrors
0816172C1990International8100no mirrors - drivers seat poor - no dash
0815175C1998International8100no driver mirror - no dash - driver's seat SOLD
0919175C1994International8100no mirrors
0227203C2002International4700complete - UPS
1123161C1999International4700no mirrors - no drivers seat - no dash
010981C1999International4900Windshield smashed - no pass seat - dash apart
0808174C1999International8100No mirrors - dash apart
122291C1987InternationalF-2276$1,000 XXFJJXX - No Driver Door - dash apart
0808175C2003International4400complete $2,500 - Doors $700 each

Loose Isuzu/Mitsubishi/Nissan/UD Replacement Cabs

0730193C1988Mitsubishi FusoFEComplete

Loose Mack Replacement Cabs

0811163C2001MackCH612no mirrors - SR1
0912151C2003MackCH613no mirror assemblies - SR7
0808161C2001MackCH613no mirrors - no steering wheel
0815174C1999MackCH613dash completely missing - no pass mirror - no driver's mirror assembly - SR6
1111101C1991MackCH613no driver's door - no mirrors - no lower window in passenger door
030391C1991MackCH613no driver's seat - some dash missing - no steering wheel - no mirrors
0818171C1993MackCH612$900 pass door only $600 - no dash - no drivers seat - no drivers door - no mirrors
0817173C1995MackCH612$1,500 pass door only $600 - no dash - no drivers seat - no drivers door - no mirrors
1001172C2001MackCH612no mirrors - SR2
0828172C2006MackCXN612both doors SOLD - $2,500 XXAHJJXXT
1210181C2002MackCH612complete - SR8
1203181C1999MackCH612complete - UPS
0825175C1995MackCH612no driver's door / seat - no mirrors - dash apart - van lines trailer MR
0821171C1994MackCH612no driver's door - dash apart - van lines trailer MR
0829171C1994MackCH612no doors - van lines trailer MR
0829172C1994MackCH612no driver's door - no mirrors - dash apart - van lines trailer MR
1031133C1994MackCH612no mirrors - dash apart
0807179C2000MackCH612no seats - dash apart - no pass door
0905182C2008MackCXU612both doors SOLD - $1,800 XXABJJXXT
0905181C2008MackCXU612$2,300 XXTAEJJXXTR - both doors SOLD - UPS
1207182C2008MackCXU612both doors SOLD
0515171C1995MackRD688SSR20 - drivers door SOLD
1117121C1986MackRD686SXno seats - no driver's mirror - pass mirror mangled - driver door apart
1019171C2000MackCH612no driver's door - no mirrors
0720202C1999MackCH612windshield cracked - drivers door apart and doesn't close properly
0815176C1999MackCH612no drivers mirror - dash apart
0204202C2011MackCXU612both doors & driver's seat SOLD - UPS
0206201C2017MackCXU613accident on pass side - driver's door SOLD - UPS
0504171C2004MackCX612no pass door - UPS
0211205C2008MackCXU612dash part - both doors & pass seat SOLD - UPS
0504172C2002MackCH612dash apart - UPS
0211203C2006MackCXN612both doors SOLD - UPS
0822175C1999MackCH612driver's seat SOLD - no pass mirror - no dash cluster
0327144C1993MackCH613no seats - no dash
0912171C1994MackCH612no mirrors - no dash - no steering wheel
032273C1996MackDM690Sair cleaner housing - pass windshield - pass seat & both doors ALL SOLD
1016153C1996MackCH612complete - $2,200 XXTRAEJJXT
0909171C1998MackCH612no driver's door - no dash - driver's seat SOLD
0925182C2000MackCH612no mirrors - no seats - lower pass glass OUT
0811164C2001MackCH612no mirrors - dash apart
0914172C1999MackCH612no pass mirror - no dash cluster - driver's door SOLD
0113211C2005MackCX612both doors SOLD - $2,900
0926172C2004MackCX613no mirrors - both doors SOLD - no dash - no steering column
0810164C2001MackCH612no mirrors - no drivers seat - no dash
0808171C1998MackCH612no drivers door - dash apart
0130171C2001MackCH612$2,500 - driver's door $700 - pass door $650 - no mirrors - dash apart - driver's wing window missing
0310221CMackDMno doors - no pass seat - driver's seat NG
0210223CMackDMno doors - dash apart
0810172C1991MackCH612no doors - no seats - no dash
0823175C1991MackCH612no drivers window - no drivers foot window - no dash - no drivers seat - no pass door
0815173C1991MackCH612no doors - no seats
0831175C1993MackCH612$1,800 XXTRABJJXXT - doors only $600 - no pass mirror - no drivers mirror assembly - no dash - no steering column
0907172C1999MackCH612no driver's wing window (main window loose) - no mirrors - no dash
0817175C1995MackCH612$1,400 - pass door (damaged) $300 - driver's door $600 - no mirrors - windshield smashed - no seats - no dash
0807178C1994MackCH612no mirrors - no dash - no steering wheel
0830174C1999MackCH612no pass mirror - no pass wing window - no drivers seat - no dash
0815161C2003MackCH613$2,000 - doors $600 each - no mirrors - no dash
1108136C1985MackRS7dash parts missing

Loose Peterbilt Replacement Cabs

STK1010C1988Peterbilt379 Sleeperno seats - no dash - doors poor
071884C1991Peterbilt357no driver's door

Loose Sterling Replacement Cabs

0406162C2005SterlingA9500driver's door SOLD
0319153C2005SterlingA9500no dash - driver's door SOLD
1118211C2003SterlingActerrapass door & dash cluster SOLD
1019151C2005SterlingL8500no pass mirror - no drivers seat - dash apart
1222162C2001SterlingA9500no mirrors - no seats
0920171C2001SterlingA9500both doors SOLD
0406185C2007SterlingA9500no mirrors - no driver's seat
1214172C2007SterlingA9500no pass mirror - steering wheel apart
0627164C2002SterlingL8500driver's door SOLD
0501191C2007SterlingA9500both doors SOLD
1105197C2007SterlingA9500pass door SOLD - driver's seat SOLD - UPS
1121174C2001SterlingM7500 Acterradash SOLD
0206131C1999Sterlingdriver's door SOLD - no mirrors
0924181C2004SterlingL8500dash apart - no computer - no trans selector - no wiring harness
0705162C2001SterlingL8500no drivers door - dash apart

Loose Volvo Replacement Cabs

0920174C2000VolvoVNMmirrors SOLD
1004174C1998VolvoWG42Tno seats - no dash
0812163C2006VolvoVNM42Tdash apart - driver's seat NG
0113222C2005VolvoVNM42Tno pass seat - no driver's seat bottom - dash apart
0422154C2004VolvoVNM42Thole in cab floor - door latches hard
0923222C2008VolvoVNM42Tno passenger seat
0923223C2009VolvoVNM42Tno passenger seat
0921222C2009VolvoVNM42Tdash apart
0921221C2008VolvoVNM42Tno passenger seat - dash apart
0917211C2012VolvoVNM42T200no driver's door

Loose Miscellaneous Replacement Cabs

0429141C2005GMCC5500driver's door & mirror arm SOLD
0827154C1999ChevroletC7500Steering wheel assembly column and shafts SOLD
0809211C1991ChevroletKodiakwas sleeper - cab open in rear - instrument cluster SOLD
0109191C2005Ottawa30complete cab

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