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Daily Operations

Scrap is Loaded into Dump Trailers
Scrap is cut into Smaller Pieces with the Shear
The Parts Order is Collected
Parts are Verified with the Parts List
Containers are Loaded Using Forklifts and Manpower
A Loaded Container
Parts Trucks being Processed
Scrap Processing
Our company has been in the scrap processing business for over 75 years. We break down our loads of ferrous and nonferrous metals into large piles of scrap. The scrap is cut into smaller, more manageable sizes with our shear and then loaded into dump trailers using our electromagnet crane. The scrap is then sent to larger metal processing plants.
Truck Parts Sales
We walk through the yard with our retail/export parts customers to look for trucks with parts that will fill their needs. Each customer is assigned a specific color of paint and each part they want is marked with the paint and assigned a number. The number is recorded along with a description of the piece and where it is located. When the order has been completed, the list is given to our dismantlers. Using the list, they collect all the parts and bring them to our loading dock. Our company has the capability to load all types of trailers and containers using forklifts, loading docks, cranes, etc. Parts are then carefully loaded and packed into an overseas container or trailer. Each piece is double checked against the list to ensure order accuracy. The fully loaded container is then weighed to make sure that it is not over the legal weight limit. Once that has been completed, the container is sealed and sent on its way.
Truck Processing
Every truck that is purchased is brought to our shop where it is checked out by our mechanics. An inventory card is written describing the truck fully including any problems that may be present. Parts trucks are drained of fluids into waste barrels that are picked up by licensed liquid waste companies who dispose of them properly. Resale trucks are evaluated and prepped to be placed in our sales lot. Our parts inventory is tracked via a spreadsheet and our current inventory can be viewed on this website.
Deliveries/Pick Ups
Deliveries and pick ups are made using our Landoll trailers, lowboys, rolloffs, rollbacks, dump trailers, and flatbeds.
Structural Steel is Divided into Piles
Scrap is Loaded into Dump Trailers
Scrap is cut into Smaller Pieces with the Shear
Parts are Loaded Onto Skids
Al and Tony Reviewing the Order
Containers are Loaded Using Forklifts and Manpower
Waste Liquids are Disposed of in Barrels

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