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Engines For Sale

Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. stores a large inventory of gas and diesel pre-tested, used motors including: Mack, Cummins, International, GMC, Detroit, and Caterpillar. We leave many of them in the trucks so that you can hear them run before you buy! We also sell used core motors, blocks and parts.

Caterpillar Engines

Loose Caterpillar Engines
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine ModelHorsepowerConditionRemoved fromLocation
STK647ECaterpillarCORE turnsCAT graderBF7
STK844ECaterpillar1160CORE - turnsBF11
0425121ECaterpillar3116CORE - turns - hole in block1996 Chevrolet KodiakBF9
0823115ECaterpillar3126175HPCORE - turns1999 GMC C6500BF13
0229122ECaterpillar3126210HPCORE - turns1997 Freightliner FL70OR23
0830121ECaterpillar3126215HPRuns - misses - smokes1998 Chevy C7500MR11
0624131ECaterpillar3126 crossflow210HPCORE - turnsBF5
STK953ECaterpillar3208N210HPCORE - lockedBF15
0807151ECaterpillar3208N175HPCORE - locked1986 Ford F8000OR23
0826141ECaterpillar3208N mech injCORE - locked - together with transmission - Air Compressor SOLDOttawa 50 Yard SwitcherBF1
STK1069ECaterpillar3208N175HPCORE - turnsBF5
0319124ECaterpillarC10335HPCORE - turns2000 International 8100BF7
1222162ECaterpillarC10335HPRuns Well - Elec inj - Video2001 SterlingMR22
1026103ECaterpillarC12355/410CORE TURNS - anti in oilBus 124
0806101ECaterpillarC12355/410HPCORE TURNS PARTIAL1999 Freightliner FLD120Bus 124
0816104ECaterpillarC12355/410HPCORE - locked1999 Freightliner FLD120BF13
0930101ECaterpillarC12355/410HPCORE - lockedBF14
0709131ECaterpillar3406B425CORE - LOCKED1988 AutocarMR23
Caterpillar Engines still in Trucks
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine DetailsHorsepowerConditionFrom
0408141ECaterpillar3126CORE - LOCKED1999 Sterling
0320121ECaterpillarC10 elec inj335CORE - TURNS2000 International 8100
0206131ECaterpillarC12 elec inj w/ Jake Brake410Runs1999 Sterling

Cummins Engines

Loose Cummins Engines
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine ModelHorsepowerConditionRemoved fromLocation
0818172ECumminsM11 - Air-to-Air280HPRuns GoodBF12
0521141ECumminsSmall Cam230HPruns1984 AM General M923BF16
STK1026ECumminsSmall Cam250HPCORE TURNSBus 124
STK959ECumminsSmall Cam natural230HPCORE - turnsMR22
0816172ECumminsLTA10 - Twin Partial270HPCOREMR28
0817174ECumminsL10280HPCORE - LOCKEDMR28
Cummins Engines still in Trucks
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine DetailsHorsepowerConditionFrom
0519144ECummins555 Natural Diesel V8 mech injCORE - turnsDiamond Reo C10164D
1207162ECummins5.9L elec inj185Runs well2001 Freightliner PC
0504173ECumminsISX385Runs Well2006 International 9200I

Detroit Engines

Loose Detroit Engines
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine ModelHorsepowerConditionRemoved fromLocation
STK347EDetroit3-71NNo oilBF1
1013131EDetroit6-71CORE - turnsBF4
0812141EDetroit6-71 TurboCORE LOCKEDBG1
032973EDetroit6V53CORE - turns1978 GMC TankerBF12
0812142EDetroit6V92CORE LOCKEDVBF1
STK106EDetroit8.2LCORE - lockedMR28
082651EDetroit8.2L165HPruns wellBF14
STK628EDetroit8.2TCORE turnsBF7
0604172EDetroit8V71N318CORElink beltMR13
081182EDetroitSeries 30G PropaneCORE - turns1988 International S1954MR23
0907131Detroit14.0L515CORE TURNS PARTIALVBF2
Detroit Engines still in Trucks
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine DetailsHorsepowerConditionFrom
1001122EDetroit6-71Runs well1975 International 2070A
120151EDetroit6-71N mech injRuns well1973 Ford LN9000
030943EDetroit6-71N mech injRuns well1976 Ford LT9000
1116133EDetroit12.7L elec inj w/ engine brake400Runs Well1988 Freightliner Cabover
0915151EDetroitDetroit Series 60 14.0L455Core Turns2007 Freightliner CL

International Engines

Loose International Engines
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine ModelHorsepowerConditionRemoved fromLocation
0604173EInternationalRD406 inline gas 6cyl COREMR28
STK109EInternational392 cid runs wellMR15
STK554EInternationalDT360CORE - lockedMR22
0604173InternationalRD406 inline gas 6cylCOREMR28
0521143EInternationalDT466 rotary inj pump180hpCOREMR14
STK644EInternationalDT466 rotary inj pump210did run wellMR22
030292EInternationalDT466E190HPCORE - turns1999 International 4700MR15
031294EInternationalDT466E190HPCORE - turns, No exhaust manifold or turbo1998 International 4700MR18
0508132EInternationalDT466E195HPruns - misses - smokes - blowby, No turbo or exhuast manifold, MR14
121216EInternationalDT466210HPCORE - turns partial - no air compressorCabover Crane CarrierMR19
0425176EInternationalDT466CORE LOCKED2006 International 4300MR10
050592EInternationalDT466E210HPCORE - turns, No turboMR14
0429145EInternationalDT466E210HPCORE - turns, No Turbo or Exhaust ManifoldMR17
1108115EInternationalDT466230HPCORE - turns2001 International 4700MR16
1122111EInternationalDT466E230HPruns - anti in oil, No turbo or exhaust manifold2000 International 4900MR17
1122112EInternationalDT466E230HPDid run - OIL in ANTI, No head, turbo, or exhaust Manifold2001 International 4900MR16
112071EInternationalT444E190HP1996 International 4700BF7
0809161EInternationalT444E190CORE - turns, air compressor sold1999 International 3800BF16
0705179EInternationalT444E175CORE - turnsBF8
1123161EInternationalT444E210CORE - turns, p.s. pump, ac, air to air, turbo missing1999 International 4700MR15
STK1121EInternationalT444E 7.3L175CORE - turnsMR17
1102166EInternationalT444E 7.3L175CORE - turns partialMR18
1023161EInternationalT444E 7.3L175CORE - turnsMR18
1117161EInternationalT444ECORE - turnsMR16
0420172EInternationalT444ECORE - turnsInternational UPS Step VanBF11
0420171EInternationalT444ECORE LOCKEDInternational UPS Step VanMR11
1228162EInternationalT444E175CORE - turnsMR12
1228161EInternationalT444E175CORE - turnsMR12
1113101EInternational6.9L160Ran Well - Water Pump BadMR23
STK728EInternationalV8 gas 404CORE turnsMR28
International Engines still in Trucks
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine DetailsHorsepowerConditionFrom
050171EInternationalDT466 rotary inj pump210Runs well1986 Ford LN8000
1023132EInternationalDT466 inline inj pump210Runs1990 International 4700
0421171EInternationalDT466Core Turns2001 International 4700
0420173EInternationalDT466Core Block only2006 International 4300
1223161EInternationalDT466Core Locked- no air compressor1991 International 4700
1109112EInternationalDT466E175Runs well1999 International 4900
1205161EInternationalT444E Elec175Runs well2001 International PC
1207161EInternationalT444E Elec175Runs well1997 International PC
0926132EInternationalDT466E210HPRuns - slight flutter1999 International 4900

Mack Engines

Loose Mack Engines
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine ModelHorsepowerConditionRemoved fromLocation
0604171EMackThermodyneRan Well*MR25
STK1119EMackAC330/350HPCORE TURNS, No Turbo/Starter/ComputerBF12
0522121EMackAI300HPCORE turns2007 Mack LE613MR24
1029151EMackAI 300ACORE turns2003 Mack MR688SMR25
STK1061EMackE6285HPCORE - TurnsMR24
1024131EMackE6300HPCORE - lockedMR24
0422142EMackEM6283HPCORE - turns, Exhaust manifold, 6 injectors, Shallow Oil Pan SOLDMR22
111191EMackEM7275HPCORE - locked1998 Mack CH612MR20
0629104EMackEM7300HPCORE - locked1996 Mack RD690SMR22
0807178EMackEM7300HPCORE - Turns1994 Mack CH612BF4
0815173EMackEM7300HPCORE - Turns1998 Mack CH612MR19
0821171EMackEM7300HPHOLE IN BLOCK1994 Mack CH612UPS1
0508151EMackE7 E-tech 4 valve elec inj300CORE - TURNS1999 Mack MR688SMR17
0203171EMackE7 E-tech 4 valve elec inj300CORE - TURNS2000 Mack MR688SMR21
STK980EMackE7 E-tech 4 valve elec inj300HPCORE turns 360MR25
030492EMackE7 E-tech 4 valve elec inj300HPCORE turnsMR20
STK950EMackE7 E-tech300HPCORE - turnsMR21
0630101EMackE7 E-tech300HPruns well2000 Mack MR688S - was hooked to Allison HT740MR21
STK982EMackE7 E-tech300HPruns wellMR24
0612153EMackE7 E-tech300HPCORE - turns - no turbo - no computerBF9
0115161EMackE7 E-tech460HPRuns WellBF12
0822174EMackE7 E-tech350HPRuns WellUPS2
0526171EMackE7300HPCORE - turnsMR8
STK1014EMackE7 E-tech300HPCORE - turnsMR24
STK1016EMackE7 E-tech300HPCORE - turns - apartMR24
072593EMackE7 E-tech300HPCORE - locked1999 Mack MR688SMR25
1026131EMackE7 E-tech330/350CORE - LOCKED1999 Mack CH612MR25
070992EMackE7355/380CORE - top apart, No Bell, No Oil Pan, No ECM2001 Mack CX613MR14
0717121EMackE7 E-tech w/ Jake brake350CORE - LOCKED2002 Mack RD688SMR20
0907154EMackAI elec inj350HPCORE Turns2005 LE613BF13
0523131EMackE7 E-tech w/ Jake brake350HPCORE TurnsMR25
STK1036EMackE7 E-tech w/ Jake brake350HPCORE turnsMR22
STK1062EMackE7 E-tech427HPCORE - turnsMR20
0902103EMackE7 E-tech 4 valve elec inj300Runs well2000 Mack RD688SMR20
0513133EMackE7 E-tech 4 valve elec inj427CORE - TURNS1999 Mack CH613MR21
1213112EMackE7 E-tech427CORE - LOCKED1999 Mack CL713MR25
0520115EMackE7 4 valve elec inj460CORE - LOCKED, No ECM, No air compressor, No Exhaust Manifold , No Turbo1999 Mack CH613MR23
0815161EMackE7 4 valve elec inj400Runs Well on ether elec prob2003 Mack CH613MR28
1022141EMAckE7 4 valve inline inj pump400CORE APARTMR8
Mack Engines still in Trucks
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine DetailsHorsepowerConditionFrom
0718151EMackEM7 etech 4 valve elec300Runs Well2003 Mack LE613
0410151EMackE7 etech 4 valve elec300Runs Well2003 Mack MR688S
0423152EMackE7 etech 4 valve elec300Runs Well2002 Mack LE613
0304152EMackE7 etech elec300Runs Well2002 Mack LE613
0603151EMackE7 etech 4 valve elec300Runs Well2002 Mack MR688S
0209122EMackEND707 2 valve natural mech injRuns Well1969 Mack R685ST
0407151EMackE7 ETECH 4 valve elec inj300Runs2002 Mack MR688S
0504172EMackE7 elec inj355/380Runs - slight miss2002 Mack CH612
1011123EMackE7 4 valve elec inj E-tech350CORE - TURNS2001 Mack CH613
1102131EMackE7 E-tech 4 valve350CORE2001 Mack CH612
070992EMackE7 4 valve elec inj355/380CORE2001 Mack CX613
1119123EMackE7 E-tech w/ Jake Brake400CORE - TURNS2003 Mack CH613
0123132EMackE7 E-tech w/ Jake Brake400CORE - LOCKED2003 Mack CH613
0115161EMackE7 E-tech w/ Jake Brake460Runs - puts pressure into cooling system2000 Mack CH613
0504171EMackAC355/380Runs - smokes2004 Mack CX612

Misc. Engines

Loose Misc. Engines
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine ModelHorsepowerConditionRemoved fromLocation
STK874EFord370cidCORE - turnsBF15
1107127EFord370cid gas V8 2 barrel carb mechRuns well1983 Ford F SeriesMR8
091821EFord390cid gas V8CORE - runsOR8
071816EFord401 gas V8ran poor in 2001OR23
STK1015EFord6 cyl natural mech inj dieselRuns wellBF1
STK833EFord7.3L NaturalCORE - runs - smokesMR23
STK1023EFord7.8L210HPCORE turnsMR27
081381EFordV8 gas 361 cidCORE - runs poor1976 Ford F700BF3
0217121EFord370 gas V8Runs1983 Ford F800BF9
0102131EFord7.3L V8 turbo dieselRuns1996 Ford E350BF8
061198EGM5.7L 350 cidCORE turns1995 GMCMR28
0429141EGMDuramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8CORE turns NO ECM2005 GMC C5500MR9
0603103EGM6.2LRuns well1986 Chevrolet stepvanMR28
1119124EIsuzuCORE - locked1997 GMC W4SBF3
0103122EMazda3.0LRuns well1999 Yale forkliftMR28
0814121EMitsubishi6D31-1AT2 302cid 6cyl turbo diesel155Runs1994 Mitsubishi FHBF11
121961EJohn DeereL9DT01CORE TURNSDavey Air CompressorBus 124
0604123EPerkinsCORE - lockedBF15
0416132EVolvoVE300HPCORE turns2000 Volvo WXROR1
0812162EVolvoVED12435HPCORE LOCKED2006 Volvo VNM64TMR10
0821172EVolvoVED12300HPCORE LOCKEDE1
0828175EVolvoVED12435HPCORE TURNSE1
0427173EVolvoD12365HPCORE turns2007 Volvo VNUPS1
Misc. Engines still in Trucks
TRO/Stock#Engine MakeEngine DetailsHorsepowerConditionFrom
0625123EFord370 gas V8Runs Well1983 Ford Bus
0401143EFord5.8L gas V8 351cid throttle body elec injRuns well1988 Ford E350
0523141EGM366 cid V8 mech injCORE - turns1988 GMC
0218131EGM6.0L gas V8Runs Well2005 Isuzu NPR
0327133EHinoW06E 6cyl natural diesel155Runs1987 Hino FD
0509161EIsuzu4HK1-TC215Runs well2005 Isuzu NQR
J0913132EUDTD42T 4cyl turbo diesel mech inj135Runs1993 UD 1300
0204131EVolvoVED12 w/ engine brake395CORE - LOCKED2006 Volvo VNL42T
0614131EVolvoVED12 elec inj435Runs Well2006 Volvo VNL64T
1219121EVolvoVED12 elec inj435CORE - RUNS2006 Volvo VNL64T

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